40 cut out buildings are available for free download

PNG files ready for download and creative use

40 cut out castles palaces mansions temples ruins etc. – Large PNG Pack in !!! 10 ZIP files!!!

Please read the information and terms of use carefully before downloading. They are below.

Set 1 / 4

You need interesting, mystical buildings for your digital work (composings, image manipulations)? But you don’t feel like releasing them in many hours? No problem! I’ve already done that for you and have neatly cut out all the buildings from the background as a digital resource. I have also removed people and disturbing objects.

During the selection it was important to me that the architecture fits perfectly to mystical, magical and also fairy-tale or even surreal images. You will find in this package castles, palaces, ruins, abbeys (e.g. Whitbey Abbey known from Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”), manor houses (Manor), moated castles and also a special castle that played an important role in the Harry Potter movies. 🙂 Likewise ancient temples or even the mystical Stonehenge.

Since I myself make and love fantasy composings, I paid special attention to usability. Buildings with many towers and battlements. If possible with the entrances facing the front, etc. Or unusual architecture that directly stimulate the imagination for an image manipulatoin.

Not always the quality is 1A, but from my own experience I know that by light setting and also the size in the picture plays a role. So it’s not bad if the output quality is not super sharp.

The ancient buildings are very suitable for both beginners and advanced users of image processing.


I provide the 40 PNGs free of charge. Of course I would be happy about a small coffee donation for my work, but it is really voluntary.

You are welcome to donate via Paypal: dorothe@wouters.onl

Thank you very much! 🙂


The source images are originals from Pixabay and Unsplash.

Du kannst die PNGs frei nutzen, auch kommerziell.

NOT allowed to sell the buildings as they are or offer them on other platforms as they are! Create added value from the PNGs. This simply means: create beautiful composings and all is well! 🙂

Have fun!

I will gladly answer questions by mail: info@darkmoon-art.de

Creative greetings

Dorothe von Darkmoon-Art.de

Download-Link to my Dropbox: HIER

This heavy load of buildings awaits you in 10 zip files!!!

By the way, you can now subscribe to me via Telegram channel! Link

Set 2 / 4

Set 3 / 4
Set 4 / 4

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