Schlecht Gelaunter Drache Im Feuer

Dark Fantasy, Realistic digital painting, wide screen, dutch angle shot, Dynamic Scene, a nightmarish dragon climbing out of a hole in the cracked ground, and leaving a pile of excavated soil behind, it´s legs inside from hole, the awful claws stretched upwards to sky, and the wings like a bird in ascent, use hunter green and fade blue, background jungle with mossy trees, and liana, and fern, the awful claws stretched upwards, and the wings like a bird in ascent, floating particles from stones, art by Aleksi Briclot and Max Maximus and Michael Komarck, Capturing the essence from mystic and battle with astonishing precision, crisp and accurate features, create the scene with precise details, and a touch of oil, stunningly cinematic light, dark contrast, make a dynamic battle scene, epic concept art with soft brushes, Ethereal, Abhorrent --no fire --ar 16:9 --stylize 750 Job ID: 71f92437-3b72-4030-8f94-97cac2ea4c10

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