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My personal tips from very good Youtube channels

Dear reader,

Here I would like to introduce you to interesting Internet sites that I like to visit again and again to inform myself about current topics, whereby it is of course mainly about the field of image processing. Just have a look and if you have recommendations for me, I would be happy if you write them in the comments.

Let´s go

When I started venturing into the depths of image editing in Photoshop, I really learned an incredible amount through some Youttube channels. Whether it’s setting lights and shadows, working with those layers that were really confusing at first, and everything else that interested me.

It is unbelievable how many great people there are worldwide on Youtube, who pass on their knowledge to the beginners. Some with rather boring to faulty videos, but then also the true masters, who really explain something in detail from start to finish and you can immediately follow step by step. In the beginning I learned a lot from this Youtube channel Blue Lightning TV with Marty Geller.

I can really highly recommend this one to you, even for those who are not so good at English. You can follow everything well, because Marty works absolutely perfect and professional and it is also meant for beginners.   

Ebenso ist Marty Geller von Blue Likewise, Marty Geller of Blue Lightning can also be found on other sites :  Facebook  / Twitter / Webseite / Tumblr 

You like this fantasy effect? Special images with that “certain” aha effect, as if from another world? My absolute favorite, from whom I have really learned a lot in this area and who likes to share his knowledge on his Youtube channel, is ….tadda….. Rafy A! My Photoshop Fantasy Hero

He does not have it so with much Bla..bla in the video, which suits me very well. There is chic, calm music and he shows slowly and well comprehensible the processing steps until you have your first fantasy image in front of your eyes and think: wooow….ja…more of it!!!

So…head on over to the Rafy A YouTube channel and check it out. I don’t think I’m promising too much if you want to dive into this realm of fantasy imagery…. 

Rafy A provides – as well as Marty Geller the resources for the image created in the video as a download. So everyone can start immediately with the replica. I think an absolute plus and one is really very pleased when the first results look as fantastic as the “Youtube teachers”! 

Rafy A can of course also be found on the following sites: Facebook / Eigener Blog / Instagram 

Es geht weiter in Sachen “wie um Himmels willen geht das so mit Photoshop”: Ich werde öfters gefragt, wo ich meine Ideen her hole oder wie das überhaupt alles mit It goes on in terms of “how on earth does it all work with Photoshop”: I’m often asked where I get my ideas from or how it all works with Photoshop in the first place. Some things just look like they are “real” or “out of the camera”. I have plenty of ideas and if I don’t have any, which is rarely the case, I look around on the internet – get inspired by pictures that are flooding through the channels – or simply by objects that suddenly give me a design idea. It is one thing to have the idea – the other is, of course, the implementation and to be able to deal with the appropriate tools, be it with Photoshop, Gimp, Paintshop and how the programs are all called. Many roads lead to Rome, as the saying goes, and that’s exactly how it is in the adventure with image editing, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a fantasy image or a birthday card. Both are designed with great attention to detail by myself. Of course, I also use other programs / filter software, but more about that in another post.  

Now I don’t want to keep your curiosity in suspense any longer…. hahaha…. there is another “Youtube teacher” for fantasy pictures or I like to call it light painting, because that is exactly the most important thing in such pictures…the handling of the light situations.

With Andhika Zanuara you can learn a slightly different way of image processing in the fantasy realm, but equally interesting and purposeful for wonderful results of their own, because once you understand how it goes with light painting, then you can transfer this into any image and that’s again this “aha effect”! Even in my vintage pictures such elements of light design flow into and…ah…I digress.  

Take a look at his channel and I’m curious whether you get the same desire to try it out yourself. With me it was so in any case. 

Andhika Zanuara is of course also represented on other sites: Facebook / Instagram / Webseite / deviantArt 

As I was about to save my last post, I remembered the extremely likeable Unmesh Dinda from his really super interesting Youtube channel PiXimperfect.

I’ve learned quite a bit there, too – including how to use Photoshop as such. The topics are always current, diverse and for me personally highly interesting. 

With almost 1.2 million subscribers, the channel is already a real force in the Photoshop field. I think it’s also due to the really incredibly sympathetic way Unmesh Dinda explains the topics with “hands and feet”, so that they are understandable even for those who are not so powerful in the English language. And the nice thing about these videos is, of course, that you can repeat them so many times until you have understood even the last shred.

Have fun with:  PiXimperfect von Unmesh Dinda  

 PiXimperfect also here: Facebook  / Webseite /  Twitter 

But another creative photoshopper in the fantasy field should also be mentioned. Kamel Graphic, who implements equally enchanting ideas and shows them for “rebuilding” in his Youtube channel. Many excursions into the fantasy world and a lot of learning material to deal with the topic of light and shadow work, so light painting – again and again.

You also Kamel Graphic find here: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter 

P.S.If you can also recommend a Youtube channel or a website with tutorials, feel free to write me in the comments. I’ll take a look at the sites and add them to my list if needed!  

Then times much joy with the “photoshoppen”!🤩

Creative Greetings

Dorothe from Darkmoon-Art

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