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From 2015 until today – my small and big creative highlights

Hi guys,

In this post I would like to show with a little pride and a lot of gratitude, how and where my images are used or in which fabulously great creative projects I was or still am involved. So this page serves not only as a small room of honor, but also to show an overview of my creative work outside of my website or Pixabay.

All images in the store and also in the CC0 area I have created myself. Wohaaa!! Look at my work with pleasure. If you ever need a special image or a revision just write me. I do not work on commission, but if you give me enough room for my creativity, often wonderful things arise. An experience that I have made in the meantime. 🙂

Introduction (can be skipped if time is short…haha )

Unbelievable, but now I have been successfully making images freely available via various Internet platforms since 2015. As I mentioned earlier, I am just moving at about 2,000 images posted. From most downloads I get in fact no reaction, which is not so tragic in the mass, otherwise my mailbox would probably burst at the seams every day.

So I’m quite satisfied if at least once in a while I receive mails with a thank you in all conceivable languages. And sometimes – rather rarely, but all the nicer for that – I get a request if one of my pictures can be used as a cover for a book. Or I get a message with information that one of my pictures has been used as a cover on a book. Both ways come out the same for me…..I’m happy like crazy when I know one of my works has found appeal to use it for a book, a music CD, music video or the like.

I don’t want to take too long. Time is short for most people, so things are moving quickly in Darkmoon’s honor room.

Book von Alison McBain “The Rose Queen


The writer Alison McBain sent me after a lively mail exchange a hand signed book as a thank you for the picture that now graces her very popular book. I’m really mighty proud of that, without sounding pretentious now. But I never thought that one of my paintings would ever grace a book. It is so fantastic and hard to put into words.

My first contribution to the back of a book – and immediately a personal dedication from the very dear Alison McBain

I thought, I will probably not have such luck again and with this thought I was very wrong…. fortunately! 😉

…….then over time I got more and more requests if a picture from my creative workshop could be used as a cover. Of course I agreed with pleasure.

In some books, I am named as the image provider for the cover. This is a fantastic feeling for me. A few traces I leave behind in life, if …. if….naja, I look at the world from above. It gives me an incredibly nice feeling. In addition, I always had or have wonderful contacts with these artists, writers, musicians and so on. It’s just terrific and far more than I ever expected when I first started sharing my pictures with the public…

More books with cover images made by me

Translation text in the image:
My pictures are used worldwide as covers. Here is a small selection…

A small selection of books on which pictures of me were used as covers

1. Top left – “Tu ne le diras á personne” – Book from Armonia Zyra – My picture in Original

2. Top right – “Walks with nature spirits” – Book von Bec Mindemann – My picture in Original

3. Below left – “Not Dead Until Nailed Down” – Book from Chris Reed – My picture in Original

4. Below middle – “Im Schatten des Feuerberges” – Book from Uwe Goeritz – My picture in Original

5. Below right – Matemos a Borges: Cuentos (Spanish Edition) – Book from Daniel Romero Vargas – My picture in Original

Not always the authors come to me, but I can track my own images on similarity on the Internet using a statistic at Pixabay and sometimes a book title is then shown to me. Often I am also shown a video on Youtube, in which for illustration for tutorials use material from me. With almost 2,000 images, I now save me but the trouble of tracing, because I finally can not follow each image page by page on Google.

My pictures for the musical background

C. Joy from Australia – A very nice singer with a really great voice

One day I received a wonderfully friendly mail from a singer on the other side of the world – from Australia. She introduced herself to me as C. Joy and told me that she had used one of my pictures for her piece “Wild Swan”. As a thank you I was allowed to download her album S E A J O Y at Bandcamp.

I did so, of course, with great curiosity and gratitude. And I listened to her dreamy music – like “not of this world” with a voice that went through and through me. So I wrote her back and thanked her for this fantastic gift and immediately wrote a review on Bandcamp as well. This resulted in a long, incredibly creative and intense contact with C. Joy. Such a connection across continents would certainly never have come about without my pictures. I can’t tell you how happy I am about this (virtual) encounter.


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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Video laden

My absolute favorite piece of C Joy “Bens Of Jura”.

Wild Swan from C.Joy

In Wild Swan, C.Joy used my silhouette image of the dancer in front of a large moon. With her permission, I was allowed to post the clip on my Instagram account. She herself no longer has an account on social media.

Hobby-Musiker Robert Nilsson


Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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Video laden

A nice and meanwhile constant contact arose with the hobby musician Robert Nilsson from Sweden, who puts his music on Youtube. When he has finished a video, I usually receive an e-mail with an invitation to the new piece. No matter how small and inconspicuous it may be – I find it not only very friendly, but also wonderful to learn in this way how my images are used. And that’s why this video lands in my hall of fame as a representative of others by Robert Nilsson. 🙂

Cover design for hm-audiobooks.de publishing house

It doesn’t seem that long ago, but it was at the beginning of this year when I received a request from a publisher of audio dramas asking me if I would like to create pictures for a Holmes & Watson mystery series. The publisher found the style of my vintage pictures wonderfully fitting and wanted to have them in a similar form for the new series. I declined at first. Why? Quite simply, I am blocked if I have to design images according to exact specifications. I had already had some experience in the years before and realized that it was not for me. So I thanked Mr. Hermann in a friendly way with this explanation and added that there would certainly be other good artists who could do such work. And then the topic was actually done for me…..

Actually… because I have made the bill without the publisher of the audiobooks Carsten Hermann…. and he let me know that I have relatively free hand in the creation of the images. Hooray…my creativity was saved and immediately the first pictures of the Holmes & Watson Mysterys series were created. Here I show the already produced or almost produced 14 parts. In addition, other super projects were created and I can not say how happy I am to be a part of the cog of this publishing house…. It’s incredibly fun and each image is created with a new passion for the subject at hand.

I admit that at first I was only concerned with the first images, without knowing what exactly the audiobook publisher actually does. Yes, of course…audiobooks, that is. That’s self-explanatory, of course. But for me, this area was completely new territory and when I realized that my first drafts of the actual frame with Sherlock and Watson were well received and the draft of parts 1 and 2 were also well received, I looked at the publisher’s site for the first time. I had no idea at all what audio plays are all about these days. My radio play, or audio book time stopped with the german “fairytale-uncle” and actor Hans Paetch, who spoke me for years with his “fairy tale voice” to sleep. 🙂 Long, long ago.

Well, then I went to the publisher’s website and looked at the radio plays so far and was amazed to see such acting greats as Sky du Mont and Hans Peter Korff among the voice actors. (I usually think of the children’s series Neues aus Uhlenbusch when I hear his name….sorry…) But here they can be heard together in the series SHERLOCK HOLMES & JOHN H. WATSON. Furthermore also Peter Kirchberger, who is still known to me from the series Barbapapa. (What should I do….sowas one just keeps his life long… ) 😉 I felt the same way about the name of the actress Christiane Leuchtmann , who I saw in Adelheid und ihre Mörder. Oh man, I found that really exciting and then almost ashamed to have been so little informed about the field of audio books, – and games. But I made up for that over time. This is all so incredibly exciting for me – almost like the stories of Sherlock and Watson…

Since it’s my “honor room”, I’ll show you my artwork as it appeared on the cover of the radio play and my originals. And believe me, I am unsure with each picture whether it could please and be taken. With really every single picture and it will certainly remain so. Maybe it’s because an artist is never 100% satisfied with his work anyway. You can still change something here and there. There possibly a little more light…. there more shadow, a nuance more of it purely into the picture and a touch less of it. 😉

Previous parts of the series Holmes & Watson Mystery´s

Cover publisher

My Original

A little insight into the creation of my “vintage pictures

Who deals a little with my images knows that I take the content processed in it very carefully and research so that everything fits together. Especially the series of all London content I have compiled from public domain, antique books where the protection period after 70 years and more have already expired. Places and time also fit the stories around Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

If you see one of my covers, you can be sure it really is the place (here mostly London) where the story takes its course.

You wouldn’t believe how much material can be found in the online libraries for this subject alone, and I often really struggle to choose one of the originals to prepare for the series. For Part 1 in particular, I’ve had many different antique images from the Victorian era that I’ve cut out and pieced together accordingly. Tiny little hats, the falling man, a carriage that I had to replace the horse heads on, etc. A real “Frimmel job” that I have incredible fun with, right down to the lighting. But I know the effort is worth it in the end when I look at the result at the end or show it to my husband and best critic. In between I am amazed myself what could become again from the old pictures in “line art”.

Detective Constable Watson series

“The young and clueless police detective Sherlock Watson – the ungrateful name given to him by his parents, who were crazy about the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – one day meets his great role model Holmes. He wants to finally break away from his existence as a pure ink soul and earn a body of flesh and blood. For this purpose, an ominous god of fate sends him to the British provinces, where he is to prove himself as advisor to the clueless village watchman Watson.”

Excerpt from the original text by hm-audobooks.de – Detective Constable Watson

I find the series – by the way really very funny and entertaining, although my pictures are mostly in the mysterious, gloomy corner. My personal favorite picture is the one from part 5. The whole scene first gave me a headache and then I saw the car and it was clear to me where my creative journey was going. But I also like the image from part 1 because it’s exactly my style. A barren, gloomy landscape surrounded by gnarled, old trees and at the end of the path…emerging in the mist this strange mansion, above which only the beats of the ravens’ wings can be heard….

And of course there must be people who write such stories, which are then implemented as radio plays. They too deserve to be mentioned, because they really do put equally incredible creativity into words, from which an entire story with suspense and wit is created. In the Holmes and Watson Mystery’s series, Marcus Meisenberg comes up with incredible stories. I also admire the writing ideas of Daniel Call, who, by the way, is a native “Öcher”. Having lived in Aachen and the surrounding area for over 30 years myself, this is of course a nice coincidence. Creative minds just come from “Oche” 😉 Enough talk – now I come to the pictures… 🙂

picture publisher

My original

By the way, and really entirely my own opinion. I think the audio plays are totally great. They are funny, exciting and witty written at the same time. The speaking parts fit perfectly. Then there’s the soundscape, including the background music, of course. Simply wonderful. The last radio play was in my childhood (still with the good old tape jam producing cassette recorder) and I really could not have imagined that I could still like it as an adult. But there I was completely wrong.

Another small series is The Heir of Dracula, in which I could of course let off steam so wonderfully in the pictures. Dark gloomy atmosphere with a nice light, – / shadow play. Quite my thing.

Picture publisher

My original

By the way, you see in the picture of part 2 the original ruin Whitby Abbey, which were already for Bram Stoker’s wonderful novel “Dracula” scene of his fantasies. So here, too, I have used a suitable original that it seems all the more mystical and eerie. I love these small and fine details.

And it continues with yet another new radio play with the title” Kaffeesatz, Tarot & Tod

I was also allowed to make a picture for the new radio play for the publisher. Here I have built a somewhat run-down “dive” together from many individual parts, in which one would not dare to enter under normal circumstances. Not even if you had to go to the toilet very urgently and this was the only one in 200 km distance. 🙂 Since I am not used to think in 12 x 12 format, unlike the publisher hm-audobooks.de, I first designed a spacious room, as you can see on the right in my original 😉 But I realize, you would hardly be able to see the back area on the cover. So the actual dingy room was zoomed in a bit and it’s perfect.

Cover publisher

My original

Darkmoon art can be not only vintage or mystical….

Here comes a completely different picture from my creative workshop. Here, too, came a request from the publisher, whether I would think of something on the theme of “Holiday in Germany” ….. “so with Alm…Kuh …und…eben lustig”. The cover was planned for the song Holiday in Germany by actor / dubbing artist and singer Peter Kirchberger and his band The Beat Hills. But let’s be honest, for that I first had to take a deep breath and re-sort myself after all the dark and gloomy images. “Okay, I’m going to look for a cow first, so maybe I know where this is going to take me.” In fact, when I saw the cow, I knew right away, and out came….tadda… “Holiday in Germany” – the cover to the music.

Publisher – with clouds (linkes Bild) Original by my with a mega power-sun 🙂 (right picture)

Holiday in Germany

Holiday in Germany – for friends of German fun music can also be heard on Youtube. Either way – I had great fun creating the image and that’s probably the most important thing.

And now?? 🙂

Well, first and foremost I have great fun “photoshopping” and that is of course enormously important to me. And I’m looking forward to more future projects to fill the “Darkmoon’s honor room”.

I would be very nice if you write me in the comments, which of my pictures shown here you have liked. That would interest me very much.

In this sense….

Creative greetings

Dorothe from Darkmoon-Art

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Wayne Welsby
Wayne Welsby
6 Monate zuvor

I am absolutely impressed with your website. You have done a great job.

Dorothe Wouters
Reply to  Wayne Welsby
4 Monate zuvor

Hello Wayne, 
sorry for replying now, but unfortunately I didn’t get a message about your comment. All the more I am glad to have just read it. Thanks for that and feel free to visit me again. We are currently working on a new structure for the website. 🙂 
Creative Greetings 
Dorothe / Darkmoon-Art

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