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Subtitle: Darkmoon-Art goes green, at least the vectors….

Darkmoon-Art Vectors on Openclipart
Darkmoon-Art goes green… 🙂

Hi guys,

this will be a short post. So do not be afraid. Reading time probably not even 1 minute….i think so…. 🙂

Who has been knowing me a bit longer knows, I am interested in many ways of image processing. It took me forever to make friends with vectors. In the last few weeks, however, we have become friends with the SVGs. My database is soon bursting at the seams. Lots of incredibly great vintage material that I will now vectorize in SVG over time.

The reason is simply explained

Since my website (CC0-Gallery) has no function to display vectors, a very nice gentleman I know from Pixabay pointed me to All content there is also under CC0 license. It’s free, but you are also welcome to donate for the preservation of such sites. That is up to everyone.

My first Vectors at Openclipart

In brevity lies the spice 😉 – A German phrase (In der Kürze liegt die Würze)

If you are looking for great, fancy and fascinating vectors for your own work, then in one click either go to my account at Openclipart or to the main page.

Have fun browsing. I can also recommend the site of @GDJ, who has an incredibly large collection of great vectors there. For me is GDJ the master of vectorizing. 🙂 (He won’t like to read it…i think…. hehehe…he is so modest).

Creative greetings
Dorothe from Darkmoon-Art

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