CC0 – Find royalty free images – part 1

Dear Image Searcher, 😉

as I threatened in my last post about finding images for scrapbooking, I will now share with you the links I have collected over the years – just as I already do with my own CC0 images 😉

Again, assume you’ve already read up on Creative Common Zero (CC0) or can catch up here.

To be on the safe side, always check the exact license terms before downloading the images. Some providers have modified CC0 licenses, such as Pixabay with its own “Pixabay license“. This means that not everything is allowed that is allowed with the pure CC0 license.

Nevertheless, it is of course an appreciation for the photographer / image creator if his/her name is mentioned when images are used, even if it is not necessary under CC0.


Participation expressly desired

Before we start, one more request. If you know sites with CC0 images that I haven’t listed yet or if you offer royalty-free images yourself, feel free to write me via the comment function. I will visit the site and after checking then include it in my list.

Okay, we start

I don’t want to write much around it either. You are curious about the list. Well – here it is: :-))

  1. Darkmoon-Art – Here you can find my CC0-gallery with about 1800 (and growing) pictures of different directions, like gothic, steampunk, fantasy, vintage and so on. And yes, it’s actually rude to name yourself first, but I’ll make an exception here so I don’t forget myself…. 😀

  2. CC Search – A few more pictures than on my database…. hihihi… so about 500 Mio! 😉 Here you can find everything from all areas. On the left side in the slidebar (after entering the search term) you can also narrow down which CC version you want to have shown.

  3. Wikimedia Commons – A collection of media files (photo, video and audio) with currently about 68 million free data in many categories.

  4. Openclipart – The database currently has about 163,000 cliparts as PNG and vectors. Very diversely sorted and also free of charge.

  5. Internet Archive – This is already almost a data land of milk and honey. Data from books, video, audio and images can be found here as well. The search function ensures that you are not overwhelmed by the amount of data, if you know approximately what is needed. Nevertheless, look here at every possible download, which license is stored.

  6. Gratisography – Can it be a little or more crazy, funny and weird. So you’re looking for images that are away from the mainstream? Then you are right with the founder and creative soul Ryan McGuire. A colorful shrill site with fun factor. 🙂

  7. Lifeofpix – A very nice and manageable database with really great high resolution images that are free to use.

  8. – A fine community of photographers who also post their pictures for free. However, credit is desired here, which I find absolutely fine.

  9. google Suchmaschine – Almost forgotten, but also about the google search and the appropriate settings in the search you can find images under CC0 license. Nevertheless, before downloading always look first, whether it is actually so licensed, because the display is not always 100% correct.

  10. Pickup Image – Here, too, a generous community of photographers populates the database with images that can be freely downloaded. The quality and resolution of the images varies, but is partly very nice material for image editing to find.

  11. – All images on this page are completely licensed under CC0. Here you will also find some more unusual material.

  12. – Currently there are about 349,000 free images – some of very high quality – fed into this site, which can be downloaded for free in smaller resolution. Personally, I find the site quite confusing, because free and purchasable images are mixed here. However, this is a matter of taste. However, since CC0 images are also offered, should not be missing here.

  13. The MET – Enter the online version of “The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Here you can also find thousands of public domain images for your creative projects or for information on your blog page. Under each image you will find information about the license. Many of them are in the public domain, so you can use them for free. These also have a download button.

  14. 1 Million free pictures – No idea if there are 1 million images available for free download on the site by now 😉 Since the site started with about 3000 pictures in 2014, it might be a bit short with the million. 😉 Anyway, you’ll also find very nice artistically edited photos here and it’s fun to browse through the pages, which are arranged a bit chaotically. In any case worth a trip with a mouse click. 🙂

  15. – (Another webdesiner) writes Raphael Bolius in his blog and I immediately had to smile about this introduction. And if you read a little more, then you know, he is not mainstream and writes what he thinks. Good on him! And also good that he distributes some of his designs also under CC0 license, which are in any case an eye-catcher.

  16. LibreShot – Here Martin Vorel shows his really very beautiful and sometimes unusual images, which he kindly also provides the general public with a CC0 license for free. I can also warmly emfpehlen you to make a detour to his beautiful picture page.

  17. Morguefile – Founded by Michael Conners in 1996, this is already an old established and well sorted database for free public domain images. Again, all sorts of categories are clearly laid out and the rich selection of imagery is everything from “well shot” to “wow…what a photo”. 🙂

  18. DesignersPics – Are you looking for burnt out matches e.g. for the topic Burn out? Do you want them to be high resolution? Or an apple with a tape measure for your blog with a nutrition theme? Then check out DesignersPics. All designer photos are free and free to use – even commercially.

  19. Unsplash – Of course, this pearl among the freely usable images should not be missing. I think everyone knows Unsplash who has already searched for public domain material. By the way, it’s one of my favorite platforms, which always looks a bit artistic in its appearance and imagery. When I’m looking for nature images for my work, I always find what I’m looking for there. A terrific database of very high quality free photos. The license condition is simple. “Do something with the images” and don’t sell them as they are. I think that’s fine too, because it’s really not a nice feeling when someone else takes credit with your image.

  20. visualhunt – An image search engine. Simple to use. Simply enter the keyword, click on the desired license type and free photos are displayed, which can be downloaded directly and without registration. Here comes a BUT: The images are offered under CC0 1 and one should indicate visualhunt as source. After I know some images already from Pixabay, which are set there under CC0, this address is only conditionally recommendable. Then rather go straight to…

  21. Pixabay -…exactly – Pixabay. My second home port for public domain images, similar to Unsplash but with a modified license. The Pixabay license. Please read this before downloading images. Advantage of Pixabay is that you can write directly to the image provider via a message, if there are questions or you want to have a release with a model, etc.. That makes the whole nevertheless more personal. A forum is also integrated.

Own photos – the safe side

It doesn’t matter on which site you download images. It is never 100% sure whether the image was really CC0 in the origin. Even on stock portals like Shutterstock and others, it happens that resourceful sellers believe that if they take a CC0 image and sell it through such portals, it is perfectly fine. It is not! The author is and always remains the image creator.

It has also happened to me that I have discovered image material of mine on Adobe-Stock or Shutterstock. That’s not the idea of CC0, but to make your own works freely available to the general public, so that they can, for example, further creative editing or be shown for websites, lessons or whatnot.

If I download CC0 images, then always only if I change them with an added value, so for example with an image manipulation. What exactly is an added value, however, the minds argue, because it is stretchable, whether I write “only a text” on the image and it so already changed or turn the color slider…

This is the end….

I hope you could also find and need new addresses from my list. I’m sure there will be a sequel if you want it. You are welcome to write it in the comments.

Addendum 26.03: Part 2 with royalty free images you will find in this Link.

Creativ greetings

Dorothe – Darkmoon-Art

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